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Lata Industries, specialists in manufacturing packaging material made out of HDPE, LDPE & LLDPE. Our mission is to deliver superior quality products at competitive prices the first time, on time and every time & also to provide high quality film and bags that fulfill the packaging needs of our many customers in an environmentally responsible manner.

Lata Industries, is the new name for packaging material supplies which is based on proven experience and thorough knowledge of major industrial markets. Whether is a small or large job, We are committed in providing our customers with unparalleled customer service and quality products at a competitive price. We will make every effort to exceed your expectation and it’s our mission to provide quality plastic films and timely deliveries to tackle the most demanding projects. We do manufacture Polyethylene Disposable Hand Gloves which are available in wrist, elbow, and shoulder lengths. Our company is a leading manufacturer and exporter of PE series products and other disposable products in Ahmedabad Gujarat (India). Our main products include all kinds of PE & CPE Plastic Disposable Hand Gloves, Plastic Hand Gloves Pair Packing and Individual Packing, Plastic Veterinary Gloves, Plastic Disposable Apron, Plastic Shoe Cover Elastic, Plastic Shower Cap, Plastic Table Cloth, Plastic Barricade Tapes, Plastic Caution Tapes, Plastic Garbage Bag, Bio Medical Waste Collection Bag in various colors with printing, Vinyl Gloves Powder Free, Nitrile Gloves Powder Free, Food Grade Gloves, Latex Surgical Gloves, also various Plastic Treated Plastic Rolls, Plastic Films with different specifications, etc. all under one roof. Our products are mainly used for medical examination, laboratories, food processing, house cleaning, industrial market and other various fields.

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Sailing on the waves of INNOVATION'S !

Think Hygiene

Here at Lata Industries, we make a real difference in the lives and businesses of our customers across India.

Think Safety

Hand lacerations, abrasions, and chemical exposure are some of the most common injuries in many work environments.

Think Environment

Lata Industries has developed an Environmental Policy that affirms our commitment to managing our environmental impact that governs the environmental standards we adhere to, how we identify and control impacts associated with our operations and products, and how we monitor, measure and improve our performance in these areas.

LATA INDUSTRIES is the choice for total packaging solutions.

Lata Industries, specialists in manufacturing packaging material made out of HDPE, LDPE & LLDPE.

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Our Products

Our professionals offer one-stop service, cost effective and innovative packaging solutions are tailored to the customer’s business and products by using the most advanced technology.

Plastic Disposable Hand Gloves

perfect as diesel-glove, hygienic glove in kitchen, industry and medical care, cleanness of home, test, food or defend of industry or agriculture, haircut, tend, hospital, etc.

Plastic Disposable Veterinary Gloves

Features: Disposable Plastic Long Sleeve Gloves used for Veterinary

Plastic Disposable Apron

Used for clothes protection in household, food factories, beauty salons, kitchen, restaurant, safety supplies, medical supplies, catering, healthcare, beauty supplies, personal protective.

Plastic Shoe Cover
(ultrasonic, elastic)

Shoe Cover are made of a low density CPE film making them liquid impervious and lint-free

Plastic Shower Cap
(ultrasonic, elastic)

Elastic band to wrap around the head to prevent hair coming out of the cap.

Plastic Garbage Bags / Waste Collection Bags

We supply a regular low duty & heavy duty Garbage bags-Trash bags any color, any size along-with printing as per customer needs, all under one roof.

Plastic Table Cloth

Our plastic tablecloths have a very high opacity so that they can be used on any table with minimal transparency. Your tables will look elegant with these beautiful tablecloths.

Plastic Barricade Tape / Warning Tape

Barricade Tape / Warning Tape is usually used in construction location, hazardous location, crime scenes etc for segregation of traffic accident or emergency.

Vinyl Gloves (powder-free)

Our powder free clear vinyl gloves are thicker and more protective than the powdered ones and a medical grade used for food factories.

Nitrile Gloves (powder-free)

Powder Free design is ideally suited to all environments where powder contamination should be minimised

Latex Surgical Gloves

Latex Surgical Gloves are made with high quality rubber latex for use in surgical operations. The gloves are soft and sensitive to hand feel and have reasonable hand model designs..

Plastic Rolls HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE

We offer wholesale printed & plain plastic tubing & sheeting on rolls also known as Polyethylene tubing.